Our Mission

Midtown Surgery Center's mission is to provide the highest quality outpatient surgical procedures using modern, state-of-the-art technology in a tranquil environment by the top physicians in the greater New York area.

strive for every patient to have only the best service and experience when choosing our facility.  This starts from the moment the procedure is scheduled, to the post operative conversation with one of our nurses. 

Upon arrival, our experienced front office staff is here to graciously help the patient complete the forms.  The intimate waiting area creates a quiet and calm atmosphere which carries through the rest of the visit.  Midtown Surgery Center generally performs a fraction of what a typical hospital will do in any given day, allowing for the nurses and facility to devote 100% to each patient. 

We want the patient to believe that their physician made the right decision by choosing our facility, so we will do what it takes to make the patient and family/friends as comfortable as possible during the procedure.  If at any time you feel that quality of your experience is less than desired, then please contact us. 
We are always receptive to concerns or questions you may have.

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